Zen and Tide Pools

This is not from an outer space movie scene.

Recently I learned about tide pools. I learned by going “tide pooling” on the southern CA coast. I think about them often. Why is my life so much better now that I know they exist?

My first impressions were, wow, how many sci-fi movie scenes were inspired by tide pools? It’s a mystic, other worldly, micro-world in there. Beautiful creatures – plants and animals exist in such a harsh environment, only visible at certain times. They survive hot sun, crushing waves, crazy storms. They just hang out and do their thing and keep on living.

Tide pools are interactive.

My life IS better knowing they exist. They are outside of politics, and even hopefully, climate change. They thrive and adapt to environmental conditions. They are not hunted, mostly hidden, except to those who know to look for them.

I could spend hours tide pooling, witnessing the raw power and simplicity of life that creates subtle beauty in this world. We can all see it if when we are in the right place, at the right time, we look for it.


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