The Beauty of Iteration

I had a big idea for a personal project. The path to the end result wasn’t clear. What I did know was that it would be something to do with abstract, organic, flowing lines in squares on a grid. I did some sketching and determined I would work with a 5 square by 5 square grid, final size TBD. I would need 25 of them. And then I made this:

Pause. Panic. No ideas. I suck.

Wait! I reminded myself its never perfect the first time, or the second, or the third, or… I just needed to jump in and get started.

In my first brainstorm session made these:

OK, but not there yet. I needed the best 25 I could come up with. The next day I did more:

Excited about these! I was able find more fluid letter-ish type shapes by mimicking some motions I had learned in my calligraphy practice. My love of Chinese calligraphy rose to the surface! AhHa! And then came the switch, I caught different vibe:

All in all, over a few days, I drew about 50 iterations and the last one, the reason why I stopped was because I made this:


This one rises above. It is outside of the 5 x 5 grid project. I absolutely love everything about it, I’m inspired by it. I am going to make an art print of it and hang it on my wall. Whenever I see it, it will remind me to keep pushing to find the perfect.

Oh, and I also have plenty of other options to proceed with my grid project! We’ll see.

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