Pencil to Paper

I’m back!

I just spent an amazing/intense/crazy 3 days in Minneapolis at the AIGA Conference. The conference theme was about making [human] connections. There were many wonderful speakers both in the Graphic Design profession and outside of it – but they were all designers in their own way, using human centered design and design thinking in their work and businesses. Designing to connect with the needs of people – what a concept! But sometimes it gets forgotten, it was great to be reminded.

There was a common thread throughout all of the Graphic Design professional presentations:

1.) Make time to do your own work

2.) Put your pencil to paper, sketch/hand letter whatever will inform and personalize your work!

At times I felt like I was not worthy to be there. How could my own work live up to what I was seeing? Am I really a designer? But instead of allowing myself to succumb to crippling Imposter Syndrome, I took some time to look through my past and what I found was the personal, hand-made holiday cards I create every year. I was pleasantly surprised by what I found:

Now where’s that sketchbook.

Thanks for the inspiration!

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