Pencil to Paper

I’m back!

I just spent an amazing/intense/crazy 3 days in Minneapolis at the AIGA Conference. The conference theme was about making [human] connections. There were many wonderful speakers both in the Graphic Design profession and outside of it – but they were all designers in their own way, using human centered design and design thinking in their work and businesses. Designing to connect with the needs of people – what a concept! But sometimes it gets forgotten, it was great to be reminded.

There was a common thread throughout all of the Graphic Design professional presentations:

1.) Make time to do your own work

2.) Put your pencil to paper, sketch/hand letter whatever will inform and personalize your work!

At times I felt like I was not worthy to be there. How could my own work live up to what I was seeing? Am I really a designer? But instead of allowing myself to succumb to crippling Imposter Syndrome, I took some time to look through my past and what I found was the personal, hand-made holiday cards I create every year. I was pleasantly surprised by what I found:

Now where’s that sketchbook.

Thanks for the inspiration!

A cathartic day

“This is what democracy looks like!”

“No hate, no fear, everyone is welcome here!”

“My body, my choice!”   “Her body, her choice!”

And it goes on and on and on.

I marched because I believe Women’s Rights are Human Rights. We are all created equal and we need to love and respect each other. That’s what I teach my children and I am going to live by example.

I am inspired by the 3 million people who marched with me all over the world to reject inequality and hate toward others. I accept the leadership we now have but I will not be complacent. I am inspired to continue making my voice heard – January 21, 2017 was day 1.



The struggle is real.

I was inspired to create this blog 6 months ago. It started out as a fantastic idea! But then – the election…

To be honest, since November, I haven’t felt all that inspired, no, not at all. Negativity in this world seems to have prevailed. BUT I will fight it. There is inspiration to be found. I know it. So Flashback to Autumn and the first inspiration I intended to share: Nature’s beauty inspires creativity.



Post update: January 5, 2017

Do you believe in fate? I do. This article was featured in my New York Times app this morning!

“The Year of Conquering Negative Thinking”